Compliance auditing and reporting

N&P Contracting can deliver a large scope of electrical compliance audits. We ensure that electrical supply and installations from point of entry to final sub-circuits and equipment, fixtures and fittings that form all and any part of the electrical installations, complies with Australian standards, regulations and legislation, inclusive of AS3003 Patient areas are “Body Protected” or “Cardiac Protected”.

Compliance and Auditing services can include:

  • Identifying that Circuits are RCD protected where and when required and RCD’s are compliant and functioning.
  • Earthing integrity and connectivity of electrical equipment and circuits meet required standards.
  • Identification of switchboards, sub-boards, final sub-circuits, outlets and other electrical equipment etc. may not be labeled correctly.
  • Identification of where installations may not be fit for purpose or do not meet the required standards, regulations and legislation for how and where they are installed.
  • Comprehensive reporting in keeping with relevant standards, regulations and legislation