Princess Alexandra Hospital Substation 14

A new electrical substation (Substation PAH 14) is to be constructed at the Princess Alexandra Hospital to allow loads on existing heavily loaded substations to be transferred to the new substation and to allow for future growth.

Mechanical loads from substations other existing substation are to be transferred onto the new substation PAH 14 by disconnection and extension/rerouting of LV cables.  Old services will be decommissioned and modifications to existing infrastructure made good.  The new substation will contain 2 x 1500kVA transformers, 2 x HV switchgear ring main units and a dual zone LV switchboard with drop out LV supplies as determined by the existing generator load shedding system, which will be incorporated into the new LV switchboard.   The new transformers to be supplied from existing HV Ring no. 4.