Caboolture Hospital 32 Bed Ward & Kitchen Project

N&P Contracting successfully completed this 2-stage refurbishment project for the Caboolture Hospital facility. Stage 1 consisted of a 32 Bed Ward with several complex staged handovers. The build included AS3003 Cardiac and Body Protected Patient Areas which is a specialised area that N&P Contracting has almost twenty years’ experience in. We can offer AS3003 design, installation and RPEQ certification.

Stage 2 of the project was a major refurbishment and extension of the Kitchen, also completed in various stages, including many temporary power solutions to allow the kitchen to continue operating for the duration of the project.

The project works comprised of demolition of existing facilities, supply and installation of LV submain cabling, switchboards, medical services panels, nurse call, security services and provision for BMS signalling from electrical services and equipment.

N&P Contracting’s accreditation and commitment to safety was paramount in the demolition stages of the project and ensured a seamless transition into the construction phase. Our vast experience in the Health Sector enabled N&P Contracting to deliver a fully compliant, quality driven AS3003 solution.