QCH Cabling and ATS Installation

Queensland Children’s Hospital


The ATS project was designed to improve resilience of the Queensland Children’s Hospital low voltage network and achieve compliance to AS3013.

N&P Contracting were engaged to supply and install the cabling, cable management, terminations to automatic transfer switch modules (ATS), submain cable joints in nominated locations, testing/commissioning, including thermographic imaging.

A total of 35 ATS modules were installed and cabled, consisting of:

– 30 ATS modules with 250A MCCB’s
– 5 ATS modules with 630A MCCB’s

There were also over 150 submain cabling joints in the field. These required the isolation, cutting and re-termination with minimal disruption to the Hospital.

Each ATS cutover required detailed planning and coordination with the Queensland Children’s Hospital to ensure clinical requirements were not compromised. N&P Contracting took on the role of lead coordinator for this project, chairing and minuting the weekly coordination meetings with the Project and Site Stakeholders to achieve premium results.

Clear and concise communication and planning was essential to safeguarding the financial success of this project.  N&P Contracting’s firm understanding of the challenges posed when working in a live hospital environment provided a seamless, safe, and efficient delivery of the project to Queensland Children’s Hospital.